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Pregnancy Massage

Essential for Muma to be..

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • Cartha Street

Service Description

Pregnancy massage is not something that should be viewed as indulgent or a ‘treat’. It is absolutely essential during this transitional stage of a woman’s life. Your body is experiencing huge changes on a daily basis, physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes you will feel connected straight away to the pregnancy, for others it can take some time. Perhaps you have had a journey getting to this point, maybe it has taken you by surprise. Either way - massage is key for bringing you back into your body, helping ease anxieties and stress. Most woman will avoid seeking massage out during her first trimester and indeed a lot of therapists won’t offer treatments at this stage. In my opinion, this is an imperative trimester to welcome gentle hands on work. Especially if you are feeling a heightened sense of anxiety or disconnect. Massage will help to integrate the changes that are occurring, grounding you into your experience and body. Pregnancy is a time to reassess priorities and where possible, slow down. Massage can provide an ideal opportunity to learn (or remember) how to relax and let go of mental stress and physical tension. This comes in useful for the remainder of your pregnancy and for your birthing experience. Numerous studies have shown that regular massage can result in a less painful birthing experience due to increased dopamine and serotonin levels, this has been shown to reduce depression associated with pregnancy and postpartum. Massage also encourages the release of oxytocin, that lovely love hormone. As your pregnancy progresses and your body and belly grow, it is common to experience some levels of discomfort. Regular massage reduces common pregnancy ailments such as oedema (swelling), blood pressure, relieving varicose veins as well as increasing blood and lymph circulation. The best and most comfortable position to be in during your treatment will be on your side, propped up and well supported from head, bump to toe. It is also a good opportunity to show you some really comfortable positions for resting in as your body grows. I lovingly make small batches of organic herbal massage oils suited best for supporting you through pregnancy, adapted to your own specific needs. I can then make up these soothing oils for you to use at home, creating an association of well being, relaxation and safety that can then be used during your labour.

24 Hour

To cancel please allow 24 hours.

Contact Details

  • 37 Cartha Street, Shawlands, Glasgow, UK


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