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Fertility & Womb Massage

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 75 British pounds
  • Cartha Street

Service Description

We are living in a world that is disconnected. Where we need to shut our needs down in order to try and function at the capacity that is demanded of us. Be in work, family or socially - our own needs take a back seat. So many of us have grown up thinking that we need to martyr ourselves in order to be deemed worthy. This constant shut down of our own needs has led us to become voiceless and powerless, stuck in the constant fight of this patriarchal cycle. In turn, we have forgotten about own cycle, of our own innate power and far reaching capabilities that ebb and flow each month. It’s like we have been placed on mute. Silenced and managed. Through womb and fertility massage, we work together to restore that connection. This is a treatment for those looking to reclaim their womanhood, innate power and journey. Whether you are looking to birth a new stage in your life, a project, an idea, a family! It all starts with the connection we hold to ourselves, our wombs and our cycles. I am here to support all women who feel the call to journey deeper into herself. Restoring harmony and balance in the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas whilst reconnecting and reawakening you to your innate body wisdom. What is the massage? The massage is a gentle, non invasive yet deeply moving therapy that works to bring the organs in the pelvic and abdominal areas into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. The womb is realigned, stagnant blood is given space to move, circulation is increased in the womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes, adhesions and scar tissue begin to break down - improving blood, nerve and lymph flow, allowing a detox, unwind and multilayered relaxation to take place. During our first session together, we will have time over tea to check in and go over your consultation form in detail. The treatment will include work on the sacral, gluteal, abdominal and womb area, pulsing and rocking, stimulating reflex points, sound healing, rebozo wrapping and meditation. This massage is incredibly beneficial for: Painful or irregular menstruation Cycle difficulties IVF, fertility and conception process Post partum Miscarriages Abortions Difficult pregnancies & birth Digestion, constipation, IBS Menopause Emotional trauma Stress Creative struggles Disconnect from the womb space

24 Hour

To cancel please allow 24 hours.

Contact Details

  • 37 Cartha Street, Shawlands, Glasgow, UK


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