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About Me


For years, I'd loved and appreciated massage, bodywork and holistic alternative support from afar. I struggled a lot trying to make sense of what a career could look like and it took me some time to surrender to this path.


I travelled a lot during my 20's and started a long journey into my own healing process. I dipped my toe in and out of communal living, yoga trainings and spiritual teachings before finally settling back in Scotland in 2019. As with everyone, the following two years (20/21) tested my resilience to the core. In a time where I would normally find myself escaping to another country, I was required to sit and acknowledge the discomfort instead.


From this space, CA Therapies finally came to a reality. I could tune into what was needed most by those around me. In a time where we were masked, starved of human connection and feeling intensely vulnerable. It is such a huge privilege to bring people back to there own bodies, holding space for them and the inevitable shifts that body, mind and spirit reconnection brings. 


Then in March 2021, I brought my first baby into the world. Pregnancy and birth through Covid was upsetting and depriving, as many new mothers will be able to empathise with. When I found myself unable to reach out to those I would have for my own support and treatments, I knew how important it would be to focus on supporting mothers and mothers to be on my return to work.


My absolute passion is serving those women that need the most support, whether that be through stressful life changes, fertility, pregnancy, birth, post partum. I am here to support in the best way I can, for the whole journey.


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Client Testimonials

"Cherrelle is an exceptional massage therapist. I've been going to her for a couple of years now and just feel so comfortable and safe whilst being massaged. When I had a bad sciatica flare up she quite literally helped me walk again. She is so good at listening to your needs and finding the spots that need some work."

"I had a fantastic pregnancy massage with Cherrelle. The space is cozy and inviting. The massage was perfect, gentle but definitely still working out the muscle kinks! She takes time to welcome you into the space and talk to you to see if you have any specific aches or pains. If I lived closer I'd be here every few months!"

"A massage here is the best gift you can give to yourself or to a loved someone. I know for one every time I leave I swear I'll get a session for my best friends if they can ever visit. Cherrelle can provide a bespoke session by just chatting with you ahead of the session, she is very friendly and the atmosphere really helps you feel cozy and relaxed. My shoulders remembered how to be normal back again!"

"Honestly the best decision I've made this year was to visit Cherrelle. I struggled with irregular and missing periods since covid and she brought me back to myself. It's a deeply spiritual experience being treated by her and each time we journey a little further together ✨️"


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